At EstateOfBlue we are a team of specialists in real estate market (real estate agents and consultants, a lawyer, a notary, a civil engineer, an accountant and translators).

Our goal is to supply specialized and personalized services which will satisfy your needs and resolve all bureaucracy issues during the process of buying a property.

Our collaboration begins from the moment that you will start dreaming of getting your own ‘’heaven in Greece’’ and ends by handing over the keys to your property. It can also continue after that by providing real estate management services and/or representation to the Greek authorities.

Today Investment in real estate in Greece is a unique opportunity not only because of the constant decline of prices but also due to the rise of the country as a popular holiday destination. It is a smart investment with guaranteed resale value and high returns.

At EstateOfBlue we search the best properties for you, wherever these might be in Greece and we can make your dreams come true.